Liquor Liability

Liability Insurance covers an insured for damages that the business becomes legally obligated to pay for injury arising from the selling, serving, or furnishing of any alcoholic beverage. While the coverage is occasionally given by the writer of Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance, this section will deal with so called "stand alone" policies. If you sell, serve or furnish alcoholic beverages you may be liable for the actions of intoxicated persons you serve

Liquor-related injuries tend to be very severe. The resulting claims can produce substantial verdicts or settlements. Even frivolous lawsuits must be defended and can cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees. Asian American Nations Insurance Group is pleased to offer Liquor Liability Insurance through A rated carriers. Typical purchasers of the coverage include but are certainly not limited to the following: Hotels · Bars · Restaurants · Liquor Stores. Premium quotations may be obtained by contacting us at (407) 829-8575.

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